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2CX1.0 twisted pair 1mm PVC speaker cable AV cable 100m audio engineering cable

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Min. Order:100 Rolls

  • QTY/CTN: 100 Rolls
  • G.W: 0.00 KG/ctn
  • CBM: 0.00 m³/ctn
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The purchase quantity of goods cannot be less than 100 pieces!
Product name Audio engineering cable
Model specification 2C*1.0
Product standard  (REF) JB/T 8734.3-2016
Conductor 89/0.12 BC (OFC anaerobic copper)
Insulation PVC for full chromatographic identification, 2 cores
Cable forming 2 cores with PP filling rope twisted, wrapped non-woven cloth
Jacket Flexible silver grey PVC OD8.0
Mark Printing meter, ensure the length is accurate;
Packing 100 meters
Advantage Flexible design, insulation and sheath, overall soft wire, especially suitable for moving stage speakers;Wire printing meter, the length is accurate, easy to cut;Wooden shaft packaging, further protection, while convenient wiring installation.