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PVC 8 core 23AWG copper wire RVVP 0.5mm 300 volt signal transmission cable control power cable shielded cable

FOB Reference price:
Min. Order:5000 Meter

  • QTY/CTN: 5000 Meter
  • G.W: 0.00 KG/ctn
  • CBM: 0.00 m³/ctn
  • QTY:

The purchase quantity of goods cannot be less than 5000 pieces!
Product name: PVC shielded wire (300/300V)
Model specification: RVVP 8*0.5 (128 series)
Product standard: (REF)JB/T 8734.5-2016
product description:
Conductor: 16/0.2 BC (OFC oxygen-free copper), soft conductor stranded structure, suitable for mobile use in general occasions;
Insulation: PVC new material, ID2.0, insulation
color: yellow/green+white (labeled numbers 1-7), convenient for wiring installation and identification;
Cable formation: 8-core twisted, wrapped with waterproof PET tape;
Shielding: 100% aluminum foil shielding + woven copper mesh 128/0.1 BC, double-layer shielding structure, strong anti-interference ability;
Sheath: new black PVC material, OD8.9, semi-extruded structure, providing the best protection performance;
Marking: printing meter to ensure the length, easy to cut and measure when using;
Packing: 100 meters
Product Usage: The signal control cable for equipment connection is used to connect the equipment to the operation panel and transmit signals.