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Digital Communication High Speed Cat6 Cat6a Rs485 Utp Lan Cable Cat6 23awg 1000M Communication Ethernet Ethernet Cable

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Min. Order:100 Rolls

  • QTY/CTN: 100 Rolls
  • G.W: 0.00 KG/ctn
  • CBM: 0.00 m³/ctn
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The purchase quantity of goods cannot be less than 100 pieces!
Product model NETWORK-580 UTP Cat-6 4*2*0.57
Specifications (UTP-6) HSYV-6 4x2x0. 57
conductor 0.57 the BC (OFC oxygen-free copper, 23 awg oxygen-free copper)
Insulation HDPE ID1.0, international network cable chromatography
The ground 4 pairs
Cabling 4 to add PE cross twisted; Sheath: yellow flame retardant PVC OD6.3 squeeze tube plus 1 the rip cord (250/3 d)
Other series: UTP-5e/UTP-5/FTP-5e/FTP-5/S-UTP-5e/UTP-6/UTP-6a/ FTP-6a:4*2*0.5/4*2*0.511/4*2*0.6
UTP -5e:4*2*0.5/4*2*0.511/4*2*0.6/4*2*(7/0.2)
UTP -5:4*2*0.5/4*2*0.511/4*2*0.6/8*2*0.5/16*2*0.5/25*2*0.5
S -UTP -6:4*2*0.57
S / FTP -cat :4*2*0.57
product features:
 Adopts the Jiangxi copper conductors oxygen free copper rod by drawing - insulation "series production cable production, stable
quality, fast speed. High density polyethylene plastic insulation adopts imported high performance; Twisted-pair used to back
twist device, ensure that subsequent products stable performance is excellent; Cabling adopts cantilever sheet heave, structure
stable and consistent, fast; Sheath is flame retardant PVC materials, extrusion tube, the built-in rip cord, convenient
construction to tear away from the sheath; cable body is marked by spray print, spray print meter, spray distance of 1 m, 305
m/box packaging, conform to the requirements of the international 1000 feet are 304.8 meters (1000 feet); Finished the "TFI - 04
high frequency digital cable testing system" sampling, conform to the requirements of the six cables; Product package (305
m/shaft/box) and elegant atmosphere.
Using range: suitable for local area network (LAN) a computer networking cable, when using the product termination six RJ45 crystal head or
module, can be used in the transmission frequency up to 10, 000 m Ethernet (10, 000 base - T4), also called "Wan Zhao network
cable" on the market. High-speed video twisted-pair transmission cable, connecting millions of high-definition cameras,
transmission distance is farther than super five categories, can transfer to cable 4 multi-channel video image signal, also can
transmit video + control signal, the more economical and practical!