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Three-phase solar meter two-way electronic kwh meter LEM021JC two-way

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Min. Order:100 PC/s

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Model Accuracy Reference Current Starting Insulation performance
Voltage(V) specifications(A) current(A)
Class1 3x230/400
CT/5 0.01 AC voltage 4kv for 1minute,1.2/50us waveform impulse voltage 6kv.
5(30) 0.02
10(60) 0.04
20(120) 0.08
1.In the too much thunderstorm places, please adopt lighting protection to avoid the lighting damage to the meter.
2.The load capacity of the meter is between 0.05Ib~Imax (direct connection) or 0.02Ib~Imax (CT connection). If the load exceeds, above the meter will not be accurate or the current coil will be heated and burnt.
3.When the meter is with CT, the actual consumed power is the reading in the meter multiplies the CT rate.
4.Data display: 6+1 (999999.1kWh) LCD display.
5.Power supply indication: The lights L1 L2 L3 will be on when 3 phase power supply is OK. When a phase voltage is the lack of phase, the relevant light will switch off.
6.Impulse indication: The light PULSE will switch on when the meter has got the impulse and the impulse width is 80ms.
7.Bidirectional measurement: The meter has separate input and output measurements and displays.
8.Circulated display (period 5S). It can display the input and output power (kWh) separately.
three phase Solar meter Bi-directional electronic kwh meter LEM021JC Bi-directional