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Automatic digital relay time delay overvoltage protector

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Min. Order:100 PC/s

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Type Reference Current Connection mode
Voltage(V) specifications(A)
Single phase two wire 230V,50Hz 25,32,40,50,63,80 Bottom in top out (default)
Three phase four wire 230/400V,50Hz Top in bottom out
1 Prevention of misoperation: when the line has a sudden transient or transient overvoltage, the protector will not have misoperation. When the line has unstable voltage due to false contact or when the power supply is suddenly restored after a sudden power failure, the protector will not connect the line.
2 Reliable action: the protection has inverse time limit action characteristic, and the action time is less than or equal to 1
3 Wide voltage protection range: 0 ~ 440V, when the line fault voltage is the highest, the protector itself will not be damaged.
4 Higher safety: it can withstand the impulse voltage of 4KV, meeting the safety standard of class III electrical appliances.
5 Stronger protection function: over voltage protection, under voltage protection, voltage unbalance protection, open phase protection, zero breaking protection and reverse phase sequence protection.
6 Status indication: the protector has led to indicate the working status, green is the operation indication when the power
supply voltage is normal, and red is the indication when the power supply voltage is abnormal.
7 Modular design, th35-7.5 standard guide rail installation.
Automatic Digital Relay Delay Over and Under Voltage Protector