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Germany France to Switzerland Swiss Plug Adapter Swiss Swiss Plug Travel Adapter Universal Socket 10A 250 V

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Min. Order:1000 PC/s

  • QTY/CTN: 100 PC/s
  • G.W: 0.00 KG/ctn
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The purchase quantity of goods cannot be less than 1000 pieces!
Item Name YD-155
Housing Material PC Flame retardant material
Metal Material solid copper
Rated power 3200w
Pin material full brass H65
Rated Voltage/Current 10A 250V AC
Approval CE
Socket style French socket(Type E)
Plug style Swiss plug (Type J)
Color White
1.100% full copper pin
2. Own international certificates.
3. Strictly quality control in the production processing.
4. Eco-friendly, Durable, Safety and Portable and so on.
5. Provide one-year guarantee service.
6. OTD up to 100%.