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The power supply site adopts gb XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable

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Min. Order:1000 Meter

  • QTY/CTN: 100 Meter
  • G.W: 0.00 KG/ctn
  • CBM: 0.00 m³/ctn
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The purchase quantity of goods cannot be less than 1000 pieces!
Yjv YJ-cross-linked polyethylene insulation PVC sheath YJV cable model name: XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable XLPE insulated power cable has excellent thermomechanical properties, excellent electrical properties and chemical corrosion resistance, and also has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, no drop restrictions on laying, etc. It is widely used in urban power grids, mines and factories. New cable. Cable insulation-cross-linked polyethylene is the use of chemical and physical methods to convert the linear molecular structure of polyethylene into a three-dimensional network structure of cross-linked polyethylene, thereby greatly improving the thermo-mechanical properties of polyethylene, thereby maintaining excellent electrical properties. The maximum rated working temperature of the conductor of the XLPE insulated power cable is 90 ℃, which is higher than that of the PVC insulated cable and the PE insulated cable, thereby further improving the current carrying capacity of the cable. Executive standard Extruded insulated power cables and accessories with rated voltages from 1KV (Um = 1.2kV) to 35KV (Um = 1.2kV) Iec60502-2:2005 Rated voltage 1 ~ 30KV extruded insulated power cables and accessories GB/T10438-2004 "cross-linked polyvinyl chloride insulated wire and cable with rated voltage up to 450/750"