Contraband book

Prohibited goods

Restricted products refer to products that are permitted by law to release or sell information only after obtaining administrative permission or related authorization.

Third-Market platform banned and restricted product catalogs.

1. Narcotics and related products

1) Narcotic drugs, steroids, addictive drugs, psychotropic drugs, narcotic drugs and chemicals;

2) precursor chemicals;

3) Narcotic injection guns, drugs and accessories;

(4) Tools for smuggling, storing, selling, transporting and manufacturing drugs;

5) Methods and books on drug manufacturing.


2. Drugs

1) Prescription drugs, hormones and radiopharmaceuticals;

2) Oral drugs in advertisements increase or enhance sexual function;

3) Veterinary prescription drugs;

4) Toxic Chinese medicine;

5) Medical or health services, including but not limited to medical, rehabilitation, vaccination, physical examination, psychological consultation, nutrition, plastic surgery, massage and other services.


3.Firearms, ammunition and explosives

1) All firearms and imitation firearms;

2) Impeller or bomb device, can launch some objects or containers containing gas or chemical substances, such as air guns, paintball markers, stun guns and harpoons;

3) Ammunition, flammable and explosive chemicals and other chemicals, and methods and books on how to prepare these chemicals;

4) Ammunition and related equipment, parts and imitation ammunition;

5) Chemical and biological weapons, nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, as well as the provision of related services, instructions, consultations, production and auxiliaries, and other information that violates relevant provisions of international law.


4. Controlled Weapons

1) Controlled knives, such as spring knives, gravity knives, fighting knives, military knives, handheld knives, disguised knives, etc.

2) Other arms, such as nunchakus, knuckles, forks, knuckles, spring bars, etc.


5. Police supplies

Police uniforms, symbols and supplies, such as police cars, badges, etc.


6. Products that contain pornography or violence

1) Contains pornographic, obscene or violent information, such as vulgar cartoons, books, games and audiovisual products, account numbers or invitation codes for adult websites, chat services, companion services, and other pornographic or vulgar goods or services;

2) Products containing child pornography or violence;

3) Contains nudity or violence.


7. Animals and Plants and Their Products

1) Protected wild animals, rare plants and endangered species under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP);

2) Shark and marine mammal products;

3) Bear paw and cat or dog supplies.


8. Money and stamps

1) Currency and counterfeit or altered currency;

2) Equipment and materials to counterfeit money (holograms, etc.);

3) virtual currency;

4) Philatelic articles prohibited by the state, philatelic articles without the approval of the postal industry.


9. Government documents

(1) documents and certificates issued by government agencies;

2) Identification documents (such as birth certificate, ID card, passport, visa, driving license, etc.);

3) Forged or altered government documents, certificates, stamps, medals and services are only allowed to be provided by government agencies or specific agencies;


10. Financial products and services

1) Bank credit cards, debit cards and bank card readers;

2) Shares, bonds, equity and other negotiable securities and financial services (including but not limited to bank transfers, guarantees or letters of credit issued to banks, loans, fund raising, investment, financing and other financial services);

3) Gold, silver and other precious metals.


11. Human organs

1) human organs;

2) still exists.


12. Cultural relics

Cultural relics are protected by the state.



13. Spy products

1) Spy equipment and software

2) Eavesdropping equipment;

3) Secret photographic equipment designed for peeping or other illegal purposes.


14. Tobacco products

1) Tobacco products including but not limited to cigars, cigarettes, Perfecto, shredded tobacco, tobacco leaves, re-dried tobacco leaves, cigarette paper, filter plugs, cigarette filter tows, pipe tobacco, hookah, molasses, chewing tobacco, snuff And other tobacco monopolies;

2) Electronic tobacco flavors and cigarette cases.


15. Electronics and Software

1) Decoders or other devices used to access TV programs (such as satellite TV and cable TV), Internet, telephone, data or other protected or restricted services, which can only be accessed with authorization;

2) Signal jammers (jammers for mobile phones, police radar, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc.);

3) Goods that can be used to evade traffic management;

4) Software or other tools for sending spam;

5) Hacking software;

6) Refurbished mobile phones, computers, laptops, etc.

7) Teaching software and OEM software;

8) Cheating tools.


16. Crude oil

The website prohibits buyers and sellers in China from listing or selling crude oil.


17. Dangerous Chemicals

1) Harmful or dangerous substances (such as dangerous goods as defined in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code, etc., flammable and explosive chemicals and ozone depleting substances, etc.);

2) Highly toxic substances and related chemical substances, methods and books on how to prepare highly toxic substances.

3) Car airbag.


18. Transportation related items

1) Air tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets and other transportation contract documents;

2) Articles related to the transportation industry, such as pilot uniforms, ground crew uniforms, rail or subway personnel uniforms, and public transport safety manuals.


19. Second-hand products

(1) Used boxer shorts, shorts, underwear, underwear, etc.

(2) Used cosmetics.


20. Non-Commercial Information

1) Contains information about personal privacy or corporate trade secrets (a large number of emails or email lists, and personally identifiable information such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, and email address)

2) Dating, proposal, admission information, etc.


21. Other prohibited products

1) Reactionary information, information that endangers sovereignty, national unity, territorial integrity or social stability, including state secrets, information that disrupts social order, etc .;

2) Information promoting heresy or feudal superstition, including information on religious discrimination, racism, racial discrimination or assault.

3) Political color information;

4) Books and audiovisual products, videos, documents and data are prohibited by laws and regulations.

5) Smuggling, theft, robbery, fraud and other illegal gains

6) Invoices, other documents that can be used for reimbursement and the issuance of such documents;

7) Items prohibited by laws and regulations;

(8) Goods that have been confirmed by the quality inspection agency or manufacturer, shipped or recalled, goods that have been explicitly eliminated or stopped by the state, expired, invalid or deteriorated goods

9) Products containing prohibited ingredients (health supplements containing DMAA, etc.)

10) Gambling tools.


[Prohibited Information]

Prohibited information mainly relates to products that are permitted by law to be released or sold only after obtaining administrative permission or related authorization, including:

1) Audiovisual products;

2) Over-the-counter drugs, oral products and medical devices with weight loss effects;

(3) National laws and regulations that allow police supplies to be sold and released;

4) Fireworks.