About Us

About Thirdmarket


Thirdmarket (www.Thirdmarket.net) is a global supply chain digital platform covering the entire industrial chain and manufacturing supply chain services. We integrate the entire range of tangible products, including daily necessities, hardware appliances, electrical appliances, consumer goods and food, etc.; intangible products include finance, logistics, big data, technology, consulting and certification, and other services.


Through the premium membership service launched on the platform, suppliers who join Thirdmarket as Thirdmarket members can enjoy a series of exclusive privileges and benefits, aiming to maximize the use of their companies and products, and easily obtain more valuable business opportunities so that they can more Expand your business globally faster and more efficiently.



Thirdmarket platform advantages


A secure cross-border e-commerce platform

Enterprise products on the Thirdmarket platform are recommended by government agencies, associations or chambers of commerce, and are certified by on-site labor.



Thirdmarket has set up a number of national pavilions around the world. The pavilion promotes major industries and procurement companies worldwide and advanced suppliers and service providers in the global market to effectively carry out their business.


Cover a wide range of commodities and the entire industry chain

Thirdmarket's business scope covers daily necessities, hardware appliances, electrical appliances, consumer goods and food, etc.


general Service

Through financial, logistics, big data analysis, technology, consulting and certification and other service areas, Thirdmarket integrates global high-end service resources to help registered purchasing companies to transform and upgrade.


A global market designed for easy trade and cost savings

As a supplier, Thirdmarket members can open an online store, which allows users to display products to the greatest extent, increase the authenticity of the company to gain the trust of buyers, and display all products and services that are highly optimized on all major search engines . As buyers, Thirdmarket members have the opportunity to receive a large number of quotations from potential suppliers from all corners of the world.


Precise online competition

As a member of the Thirdmarket platform, both the supplier and the buyer will have the privileges of a 1v1 account manager who will match the potential online partners most suitable for a particular business.


Keep up with the latest market trends

The latest market and price trends are in the hands of suppliers and buyers to prevent losses caused by price fluctuations.